Du Ze, who is referred to as "the reader" is a twenty-year-old college student from China who is deaf and has a social disorder which makes it difficult for him to talk to other people.

He loves to spend his time reading web novels, especially those of the author Yi Ye Zhi Qiu.[1]

The story of "The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love" starts off when Du Ze excitedly reads the first chapters of Yi Ye Zhi Qiu's new novel "Mixed Blood."

The "Mixed Blood" novel is set in a fantasy world. Xiu, the protagonist of "Mixed Blood," is an orphan whose bloodline is descended from all eight races in that world. The author's summary of "Mixed Blood" indicated that it is the story of Xiu's rise to power

Du Ze enjoyed reading it but trolled the author by writing negative feedback. The author seemed to have been affected by Du Ze's comment and changed the story of "Mixed Blood."

Then, one day, Du Ze was suddenly transported into a strange fantasy world.


Du Ze is said to be handsome, with black hair and black eyes. However, multiple POVs have also said that he looks "hard to get along with."[2] This is partly because of his social disorder and reluctance to speak much but also because his face is normally impassive. He rarely shows any emotion on his face such as smiling or frowning.


0-point restore - Inside the world of the novel, whatever happens to his body, it restores itself to the same state it was when he arrived in the world of the novel. The restore happens at midnight and it is automatic.

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